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@chelsanity: Well well well #shegotme (x)

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twd ladies meme

↳ favorite regular female character

i’m not your little girl, i’m not your wife, and i am sure as hell not your problem. that’s all there is to say.

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Omg people keep freaking out about Michonne not getting any specific spoilers and it’s actually annoying me so much…

Like… They film a lot of stuff in the studio so not seeing her at every single location means nothing.

If there’s still not stuff being revealed after the sdcc panel, then I’ll worry lol.

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Nynaeve being the boss she is and capturing Moghedien


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" Not such a fascinating story, I’m afraid. "

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lotr meme → 3/8 quotes
I’ve thought up an ending for my book…
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ok but imagine Lan- huge, stonefaced warrior Lan- holding a tiny baby who wraps their whole tiny hand around his pinky

Lan Mandragoran wept when the child was placed in his arms. His child, his firstborn, the heir to the kingdom of Malkier. He had known all his life that he could never marry, never have a family, that his only legacy would be a war that could not be won. But he had married the most wonderful woman in all of Creation. The war had been won. And now…

And now he was holding his tiny newborn son in his arms and his heart, unused to containing such happiness, felt close to bursting from sheer joy.

He looked at Nynaeve, who was lying on the bed, propped up against the pillows, exhausted but smiling. Even with sweat matting her dark hair she was the most beautiful woman Lan had ever laid his eyes on. She made no mockery of his tears; she understood. The Warder bond between them was overflowing with love, at once fierce and impossibly gentle.

He placed the baby carefully back in her arms and, climbing into the wide bed next to her, drew her into an embrace. Holding thus the two most important pieces of his life, everything in the world felt finally right.

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Oh my god, this is too cute. 

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omg there’s so much right in this picture!

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hello new icon

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